Effective Ways to Cure a Hangover

Published: 21st May 2010
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If you are a regular drinker, you surely want to know how to cure a hangover. Why not? Hangover can be so irritating. It can even cause feelings that are as worse as being pulled in a war. You can have splitting headaches, dry mouth, nausea, dizziness and more. But of course, the best way to cure this terrible condition is not to drink to excess. But what if you can't help but drink to your heart's desire? Well, there are already proven and effective remedies and methods that you can do in order to cure hangover.

A hangover is caused by the mixture of toxic side-effect subsequent to the metabolism of alcohol. It is absolutely an unlikable experience. Other unpleasant feelings that you may experience are depletion of Vitamins A, B, (predominantly B6) and C and dehydration produced by the chemical action of alcohol in your system. Moreover, you will also feel depressed and stressed at the same time!

But, as said earlier, there are already some preventive measures that can cure a hangover. Read on and follow:

• First of all, never ever attempt to drink with an empty stomach. For all time, consume food as you drink alcohol and never forget to eat something oily like butter or oil. You may try consuming 5 tablespoons of olive oil before you drink.

• Drink a lot of water. In point of fact, lots of them. This will cure the dehydration caused by excessive alcohol in the body.

• It is very difficult to wake up with a hangover. And you need something to help you become activated and replenish your lost energy. You have to drink juices that are rich in fructose. This will help you burn the alcohol more rapidly. Fructose juices can also help in the process of totally getting rid of the hangover. The most excellent juice drink that you can have is the tomato juice or apple juice as these can flush out the toxins in your system. You should also drink lemon juice in order to fix the dehydration that you body is feeling. These juices also contain vitamins that your body requires in order to get back its lost energy.

• Honey can also help you recover from a hangover. Honey can absorb the alcohol in your body.

• You can also cook yourself an egg as eggs are known to contain special vitamins namely cysteine. This substance helps in the breaking down of the acetaldehyde. The egg can also help you out with an upset stomach and make you activated throughout your day.

• Lastly, get a hangover patch before starting drinking. By means of a hangover patch, you can eliminate your hangover immediately. Hangover patch is today's most useful, practical and important hangover cure and prevention product in the marketplace.

Now that you are acquainted with the different ways on how to cure a hangover, you should be on your line of attack to overcoming those awful, terrible and irritating hangovers.

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