Homemade Mosquito Repellent: The Safe Way to Avoid Mosquitoes

Published: 06th July 2010
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No one surely wants to be bitten by mosquito leaving a red spot on your skin. Mosquito is one of the insects that many people hate. Aside from the itchiness that they give the moment they bite you, they can also cause harmful diseases such as dengue fever, malaria and more. It is really a good thing that the market has introduced mosquito repellent
which you can use against the harmful mosquitoes.

If you like to go on a camping trip often, you have to bring with you a mosquito repellent. This is as important as other camping equipment such as tent, food, mattress and others. However, there are people that tend to forget mosquito repellent that is why in the end they are not able to get a sound sleep because of the mosquitoes flying around them.

In the past years, people use pesticides to get rid of mosquitoes and other insects. Well, insecticides do really help to get rid of those insects that cause harmful diseases. Yet, they contain harmful chemicals which can harm your health. This is the reason why homemade mosquito repellent becomes famous these days.

There are various ways create homemade mosquito repellent. Today, people prefer using homemade mosquito repellent because they are proven safe and effective. One way to formulate homemade mosquito repellent is to put some water into a white plate. Then, put some lemon drops of joy dishwashing liquid soap. Place this solution where you take a seat. Mosquitoes that will come to near to your homemade mosquito repellent will drop dead on the plate or even somewhere near the repellent. Growing Thai lemon grass into your garden can be a very good source of homemade mosquito repellent.

Another way of making homemade mosquito repellent is through mixing catnip oil with a little grain alcohol. The mixture will work best is placed in a mister to serve as a spray repellent. Aside from homemade repellent, you should also bring with you some mosquito fabrics that will also serve as your protection from mosquitoes.

More and more people choose to use and create homemade mosquito repellent because of variety of reasons. Aside from it is less expensive than commercial mosquito repellents
that are out in the market, they are also proven effective compared to other mosquito repellent. Yet, the most important advantage of using homemade mosquito repellent is the fact that you are hundred percent sure that the repellent is free from any harmful chemicals which can harm your health. Hence, there is no possibility that you will have skin allergies or any skin irritations after using your homemade mosquito repellent.

So, if you do not want to put your health at risk in using pesticides which are usually use to get rid of mosquitoes. The next time you will go to a camping trip, make sure to include homemade mosquito repellent in your camping material list. Being free with mosquitoes will give you more chances to enjoy your camping activities.

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